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Er...Yeah. Newbie here. *Waves* I've been writing bad teen angst… - Open Mic: Share Your Poems and Lyrics [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Oct. 19th, 2006|10:13 pm]
Open Mic: Share Your Poems and Lyrics


Er...Yeah. Newbie here. *Waves* I've been writing bad teen angst drivel songs and poetry for a while, and I thought I'd post some of my works here to see what other people thought of them. I know I have a LOT of room for improvement, so if you want to leave constructive criticism, please do! And, er, enjoy?

I've been waiting forever
But it won't be long
I won't try to reach you;
You're already gone
I'v just seen a murder
with God as my witness
There's nothing I can do
and I feel so damn useless
Don't interrogate me
I just won't speak
Pry all you want;
I can stay here all week
There's no torture that equals
what's happened to me
So gouge out my eyes;
I already can't see


Sitting on the carpet with my back pressed to the wall
Gorging on the winter air with thoughts slowed to a crawl
This lifestyle's a silver spoon
that's feeding me loneliness
I've had my fill, yeah, but there's still
something I miss

Brother, brother won't you talk to me?
Your children best speak the truth
Where you're going I'm not sure
but I know it bothers you
And if the silence overtakes you,
then I'll be next to fall
So won't you tell me anything,
anything at all?

Keep that dumb look on, it suits you well
Since you don't seem to notice that I'm
missing you like hell
And every time I try to leave,
I see you standing at the doorway
Maybe if we forgive we'll both escape someday
Mother, Father, won't you listen to me?
Your daughter is begging to be heard
Why you've left I don't understand
but can't you spare a single word
You say it's fine, but your eyes disagree
So won't you confide,
confide in me?